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A Security Newsletter designed specifically for your organization. Fun, colorful, interactive, educational. Getting regular information to you staff is a key component of any Security Awareness Program - but having them read it is even more important. News. Humor. Opinion. Interviews. Company specifics. Technical notes and references. Puzzles, cryptoquotes, and other familiar entertainment vehicles. Reader Feedback.

Pushing Awareness

Electronic newsletters distributed to your troops. (Commercial or military…) on a monthly basis. Or, news, updates, events delivered 1, 2, or more times per week.

On-Site Awareness & Training

Samples of specific training programs, seminars, talks and speeches::

It's About Time: The Metric for Information Security

Security 101: A One Day Training Seminar

Information Warfare: From Security to Infrastructure Protection to the Military. An Overview of Security, Electronic Civil Defense and the Networked Society

The Cyberwar Game: An interactive security awareness game

Learn more about Winn Schwartau's security services at Interpact Inc.'s Services and Solutions pages and at Winn Schwartau's Bio page.

We've been running private Jeopardy! contests for seminars, conventions
and individual corporations and they are tremendous. The same familiar
game format, brought to your location - and watch folks come running. 50/50 Security vs. General Trivia.
Contests build response and measure participation, a key to any success. Intriguing approaches include security trivia contests, electronic scavenger hunts, Cryptoquotes, and puzzles. But of course, we have a lot more to talk about with you.


Articles and Special Reports
We have a collection of some 500 or so articles on all different aspects of security. These are available to you for distribution, reprinting, or other appropriate internal use. In addition, we have access to thousands of articles by other experts in the field, at varying levels of technical complexity. As newsy security 'events' occur, putting out a special report to your staff via the familiar newsletter format will be a strong adjunct to our other efforts.


Web & Archives

If you don't have an internal Security Web
site, you may want us to help you organize
what you need. Put security-related news
and information at your staff's fingertips. No
more excuses such as: "the summer intern
ate the security policy."

Video If you have the bandwidth, you might
want to have your own Security Video Server.
Let staff watch and listen to security oriented
videos at their leisure. This is surprisingly affordable!


Promotional Materials


Posters, calendars, mouse pads, mugs, and buttons are all fine and dandy, but so…average. We've come up with a lot of other internal promotional techniques and giveaways that we believe are a lot more effective - and will actually save you a ton of scarce security $$$.

More Calendar Pages
Fun Infosec Promotional Art work


Put information security and its importance into the forefront of your staff's mind.

Instill your infosec policy throughout the top corporate ranks and garner their support.

Get folks to think differently about security: it's not just technology - it's people.

There is no magic bullet and the risk is always changing. Get significant security 'buy-in' from the target audience.

Having fun is a must. Our Security Awareness Programs are compelling and engaging foreveryone. People want to participate. The old fashioned dictatorial lectures bore people to death. People retain more when they are having fun. Fun works.

Build Security Identity. We glue all of the pieces together that builds a single image for your Corporate users.

Measure the effectiveness of the Security Awareness Program.


C'mon, you're sold, right?

Good. Your Security Awareness Program can generally begin within 30 days, and should run for a minimum of one year. We will tailor them for specific departments, agencies, working groups or complete enterprises and agencies as you need. To begin designing your Security Awareness program, give us a call and we'll get started right away.




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