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CybershockWinn Schwartau's Newest Release

CYBERSHOCK: Surviving Hackers,
Phreakers, Identity Thieves, Internet
Terrorists and Weapons
of Mass Disruption


Cybershock, by Winn Schwartau is an enlightening look at the dangers of the Internet from a consumer/ general user perspective. If I had one book to give friends and family that demonstrates the types of threats they need to be aware of in the information age, it would be Schwartau's Cybershock. Winn wrote this book for the mass market and he never strays from his target audience. He makes no apologies to those who are familiar with technology and security when he provides real-life examples of information security horror stories involving fraud or identity theft that many might label as fear mongering. Winn's stories are personal because he has been a victim and many of his friends and relatives have been targeted as well. One of Winn's major objectives in writing this book was to advance ideas on privacy and Internet rights, and many of the examples point the reader in a specific direction. However, Winn doesn't hide the fact that he is trying to be somewhat controversial to raise awareness on specific issues. The book, after all is entitled Cybershock, not Cybercalm. As an added bonus, the book also provides some interesting historical perspectives as Winn describes and interviews individuals who were visionaries offering information security services or predicted new threats before they emerged

Matthew G. Devost is Founding Director of the Terrorism Research Center, Inc., an institute dedicated to research and analysis of issues in counterterrorism and information warfare.

The well-insulated public has not yet had the opportunity to learn what hackers and hacking are really all about: they don't understand the full scope of hacking and how profoundly it's changing all of our lives," says author Winn Schwartau.

Written for the layperson, Cybershock takes the reader from the basics (What is hacking? Who hacks?); through actual hacking tools and techniques; to corporate, law enforcement, and military hacking policies; to how to become a successful antihacker. It provides balanced viewpoints through words and images from the principal figures in the hacking and antihacking worlds: corporate security experts, lawyers, judges, security-conscious military and government officers, and hackers and phreakers themselves.

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Electronic Identity Fraud Newsletter. Volume 3, Issue 4 April 24, 2000. Published by E-Dentification, Inc. Special Edition: "a sneak preview of Winn Schwartau's new book Cybershock: Surviving Hackers, Phreakers, Identity Thieves, Internet Terrorists And Weapons Of Mass Disruption."

Online Excerpt at E-dentification's Electronic Identity Fraud Newsletter

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Winn Schwartau, President and CEO
Kelley Walker, Development 727.796.8484 727.393.6361
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