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The Cyberwar Game

By Winn Schwartau

Security is no game, that's for sure. But by using Gaming techniques, we can learn a whole lot about security and how we all, as a company and a country, might be effected. The Cyberwar Game will put you directly in the middle of a cyber-disaster and you and your associates have to figure out what the best course of action is. As the scenario unfolds, things just get worse and worse.

Think it's easy? Think again. It's fun but it's tough. There are no right nor wrong answers… just intriguing possibilities that many of us have never considered. Winn Schwartau will be our Maestro of Cyberwar, leading us through the interactive and compelling game. Everyone gets to participate. You may get to roll-play a specific person or job function in the Advisory Council. (No acting experience required!) Or you may be a member of a Special Interest Group which challenges the Council every way they turn. No matter how you play, you will have fun - while, the cyber-world around us collapses. Don't miss this rare opportunity to take part in Cyberwar Gaming. (No you do NOT need to be a technical maven to participate; this is not a bits and bytes session.)

There are no slides handed out for this session because that would give everything away! Be surprised.

Extremely interactive, highly entertaining.

Cyberwar Games are customized to fit your environment, size of audience and needs. They can be corporate-centric, infrastructure based, military, international or fit any other scenario you choose. They can last from one hour on.

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