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Information Security Resources on Hackers and Hacking


2600 The Hacker Quarterly primary publication aimed at the hacker underground. is a computer security Web site dedicated to the collection, dissemination and distribution of information about the industry for anyone interested in the subject. They maintain one of the largest catalogs of security advisories, cryptography, text files, and denial of service attack information. They are also known for the largest mirror of Web site defacements and their crusade to expose industry frauds and inform the public about incorrect information in computer security articles.

Back Orifice 2000  "Back Orifice 2000 is the most powerful network administration tool available for the Microsoft environment, bar none. Built upon the phenomenal success of Back Orifice released in August 98, Back Orifice 2000 puts network administrators solidly back in control. In control of the system, network, registry, passwords, file system, and processes from Cult of the Dead Cow [cDc]

CyberArmy Headquarters is a portal / start page for your web browser. It's meant to be the most popular security portal page on the net now or something. CyberArmy Search engine. Its a pretty popular / big computing security search engine.

Cypherpunks  archive at Here you can find links to PGP, remailers, rants, various crypto-tools, newspaper clippings, and a good deal of other things.

Defcon Computer Underground Convention, links.

DigiCrime, Inc. Humorous and illustrative devices on cyber-criminal activities. You've heard of "hands-on demonstrations"? This place specializes in "hands-off demonstrations" -- i.e., illustrative exercises triggered by your pushing the button which they clearly tell you not to push. So far as I can tell, the demonstrations cause no real damage. No warranties, express or implied. has a new face these days. With new original content and highly skilled users, has found its name into countless bits of code and vulnerability developments. is, and is continuing to be a primary vein for network security and wireless security related topics. Many thanks go to all of the members of, without you guys things would be pretty boring around here.

EHAP: Ethical Hackers Against Pornography is a non-profit corporation formed to actively seek out and stop the exploitation of children on the Internet. Our focus is to protect our children from the predatory and perverse criminal elements that seek to destroy their innocence. Our secondary focus is to education. We provide individuals and organizations training about the Internet and it's associated risk. The goal of this effort is to remove the victim from the crime. Finally, we train and counsel law enforcement on the Internet aspects of gathering information and evidence. We pursue all of our goals ethically and legally.

Fyodor's Playhouse  Who is Fyodor? In case it isn't obvious from my choices of good reading, links, and my exploit world, and tools. I am a hacker. By this I mean that I enjoy playing with computers and pushing hardware and software to its limits. My primary interests are in computer networking, cryptography, and security. don't be fooled by the name! we have info you need! Synopsis: Hacker/Security Newsletter with announcement mailing list   was started in 1994 by HackingWiz as a site for his underground BBS, The Hackers' Haven, which has been in operation since 1983. Hackers.Com is committed to the free distribution of information and freedom of speech. It also represents the ethical side of the underground, the side that penetrated systems not to destroy, but to develop knowledge.

L0pht Heavy Industries: "Just a bunch of hackers who got together and started working on projects together. One of the projects turned out to be There are remnants of different groups that make up L0pht such as RDT, cDc, RL, etc. We didn't start this thing off to make money. We did this, and still do, out of a love we have for technology and making it do things that it might not have originally been meant to."

Million Packet March: The Packetfactory is a clearing house for cool-ass network and network security related endeavors. Here you’ll find all manner of useful security tools(firewalk, pandora), network tools (libnet, ngrep), etc... Feel free to peruse and download. Most everything here is free and open-sourced.

Packet Storm"is the largest Internet security tool database in the world. We provide intelligence ranging from security tools to system defense and assessment information. Understanding that there is no way we can begin to design and develop stronger systems and defenses unless we know what vulnerabilities exist, Packet Storm follows a strict policy of full-disclosure, publishing all pertinent information that we receive on security related materials. About half our content is submitted to us - If you have security related information that is not on our site, do not hesitate to send it in."

Rootshell: Security news, exploits and documentation

Techtronic Security Information

w00w00: the largest non-profit security team in the world....Each member is diverse in their abilities, location, and ethnicity. The team continues to grow because we accept all people with strong capabilities, and once people become involved, they usually continue their involvement. The average age of members is 24. Our major affiliations include (in no particular order) eEye Digital Security, Associative Assurance Inc., Bindview Development Inc., Guardent Inc., Roses Labs, ADM, HERT, Technotronic, rfp.labs, Napster Inc.,, and


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