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Highlights Highlights From Past Speaking Engagements

Mr. Schwartau's recent speaking engagements have included seminars, workshops, training, and conference key notes for the U.S. Government, Financial Institutions, key Information Technology and Information Security organizations, among others, see below.

Contact us if you'd like to have Winn Schwartau as a guest speaker at your next conference or training seminar.

Audio Files

Winn Schwartau's speaking engagements have included seminars, workshops, training, and conference key notes for the U.S. government, financial institutions, key Information Technology and Infomation Security organizations, among others.

Winn Schwartau at DefCon

DefCon 2: Overview of Tempest and VanEck shielding and radiation. Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

DefCon 2: High Energy, Radio Frequency (HERF) and Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons and technology. Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

DefCon 3: Information Warfare: The year in review. Hear it with Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

DefCon 6: Introducing the Time Based Security model and applying military strategies to network and infrastructural securitues Hear it with Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

Other Audio Files, Interviews:

Winn Schwartau, guests on 2600's Off The Hook. Topics include hackers, herf guns, the government, and "electronic terrorism".

Speaking Schedule Winn Schwartau's Speaking Schedule
Highlights from past speaking engagements Past Speaking Engagements
Winn Schwartau's Publications Winn Schwartau's Publications
Winn Schwartau's Speaking services page
Winn Schwartau's CV/Bio page
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