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Legal Resources

Annotated Constitution of the United States of America

American Civil Liberties Union contains lots of news and legal materials on cyber-liberties issues.

Center for Democracy and Technology: information and policy statements on cyber-liberties.

Cornell's Legal Information Institute: a virtual law library with links to federal and state cases, legal materials and assorted other essential legal tools.

Cyberspace Law Abstracts, edited by Professor Larry Lessig of Harvard, contains summaries of some of the leading academic papers on cyberlaw with links to the full-length articles.

Cyberspace Law Institute, a think tank without walls containing policy papers on cyberlaw topics.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation: a cyber-liberties group with a good news and information site on legal topics.

Filtering Facts, operates a pro-filtering site.

FindLaw retrieves law cases and contains other legal materials.

Franklin Pierce Law Center's Intellectual Property Mall, a trove of legal materials on intellectual property in the Internet age.

Harvard Journal of Law & Technology, online version of cutting-edge periodical.

Jeff Kuester's legal resources in copyright, trademark and patents law and the Internet.

The Journal of Online Law is a publication geared to general public as well as academics.

Jurist, University of Pittsburgh Law School, a faculty lounge for all law professors who use the Internet in their teaching.

Michael Froomkin's home page, most eclectic home page by a law professor

National Law Journal and other publications operates an online news site devoted to Internet legal news and policy discussions

Oyez Oyez Oyez is a multimedia site that contains digital tapes of U.S. Supreme Court oral arguments and case digests

Rumpole's 'zine, for fans of the fictional British barrister

Thomas, a site operated by the federal government, named after Thomas Jefferson, is a one-stop for federal legislative information.


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