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Articles by Winn Schwartau
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Articles by Winn Schwartau

A Call for Leadership and an Electronic Bill of Rights

Disarming Online Muggers

Information Warfare: From Security to Infrastructure Protection to the Military: An Overview of Security, Electronic Civil Defense and the Networked Society

Integrity: The Forgotten Leg of Security: The Basics Remain the Basics

It's About Time: The Metric for Information Security

Security and Your ASP

Books Online

Information Warfare, by Winn Schwartau. Now Online! Dowload the .PDF version (1,996 Kb)

The Extraordinary Underworld of Hackers, Phreakers This book was originally released in hardcover by Random House in 1992. I feel that I should do the community a service and release the book in the medium it should have been first released in... I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did..It provides a fairly complete account of just about everything.

Unix System Administration This book is in PDF format. Systems administration is the installation and matinenance of the UNIX computer system. The system administrator will need to maintain the software and hardware for the system.

Online Archives

CERT Security Improvement Practices How and why to prepare for intrusion which includes selecting, installing, and becoming familiar with tools that will assist you in the response process and will help you collect and maintain data related to an intrusion.

Data Encryption Standard (DES) The Federal Information Processing Standards Publication Series of the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) is the official publication relating to standards, guidelines, and documents adopted and promulgated under the provisions of Public Law 89-306 (Brooks Act) and under Part 6 of Title 15, Code of Federal Regulations.

FIRST Security Papers This is a large collection of papers about various different computer security issues. These papers were originally a part of Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams' (FIRST) 1994 Security Tools and Techniques CD-ROM.

Seminal Papers

Activism, Hacktivism, and Cyberterrorism Dorothy Denning of Georgetown University on Information Terrorism and Hacktivism

An Analysis Of Security Incidents On The Internet 1989-1995 - A dissertation analysing Internet security incidents.

The Concern for Privacy on the Internet (TCPI) - A honors thesis written by Carlos Antonio Lopes, for the advanced degree with honors from St. Michael's Academy on May 23, 1998.

Cyberterrorism and Private Corporations Toby Blyth. Examines some of the private industry issues surrounding information warfare and cyberterrorism. PDF format.

Information Terrorism: Can You Trust Your Toaster? Winner of the 1996 National Defense University Sun Tzu Art of War Research Award in Information Warfare. PDF format.


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