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Information Security News Resources

CryptoSoft Security News: Computer Security materials online as well as

Security and Privacy Related Links  

The Hacker News Network An excellent site of information security related news. Slashdot A news site that brands itself as "News for Nerds; Stuff That Matters" It includes news on such topics as Linux, Security, Computers and other technology related information.

Inside Today the Tech Insider covers key business issues and trends affecting high-tech companies in computing, software, telecommunications, and e-commerce.

Internet Security Review   Check out breaking news stories - Get the headlines of this week - check our News Quest - Timely Internet Security and E-Commerce Security topics - White papers and other documents IT Security publications Information security education Legislation and regulations for information security and E-commerce.

Mountain Wave, Inc. Computer Security News Daily "This web page provides daily selections of news and other information pertaining to computer/network security. The page is designed to allow busy professionals to browse each day's new information in 10 minutes or less. No claim is made that this is an exhaustive source for all developments in the security field; instead, access is provided to the kind of quick, daily updates that we believe the majority of readers will find most useful."

Newsbytes News Network, an independent news service focusing solely on information technology.

SearchSecurity "Our editors scour the Internet daily and pre-screen each story featured on Don't miss any of the security news relevant to the busy IT professional whose success depends on being 'in the know.'" contains in-depth information on a wide range of security topics. These topics include: Security Organizations, Education, Certification Programs, Jobs, Books, Mailing Lists, and News Groups. The link database contains encryption, Unix/Linux, NT, underground, and security vendor links.

Security Portal is an "on-line resource and services provider for companies and individuals concerned about protecting their information systems and networks." is a leading web security portal, providing internet security related news, resources, tools and services.

Slashdot is a sister site of

Stratfor.Com "On March 23, 1999, an intelligence consulting firm in Austin, Texas, launched an experimental web site to answer the question: Would people be interested in intelligence instead of news about a major global event?  Our staff in Austin takes the best practices of intelligence analysis, combines it with the rigors of journalism accuracy, speed and truthfulness and delivers knowledge about the world to anyone on the Web. In a relatively short time, we've become well known. <...> We aim to make our web site a source of enlightenment about the world in which we live, empowering people to make wise decisions about their money, their politics and their work. You can judge us by our track record. In 1999 alone, forecast the fall of the Pakistani government, the decline of Russian President Boris Yeltsin and the rise of his successor, Vladimir Putin".


The Terrorism Research Center's Terrorism RealNews page and archives.




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