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Active Matrix's Hideaway: "Hideaway.Net is committed to becoming a premier destination for Internet security solutions through concurrent expansion of its small-business security services and comprehensive web portal. Combining robust auditing services with a customized alert center, Hideaway offers growing businesses all the tools necessary to Protect and SecureTM."

CryptoSoft  Computer Security materials online. Security News An ongoing accretion of Web articles on computer / information security issues.

Security and Privacy Related Links     links on security / cryptography / privacy issues

eSecurityOnline: Ernst & Young s eSecurityOnline provides security services, news feeds, extensive library, security tool, and security event listings, much more. dedicated to the open exchange of infosecurity information

SecurityPortal "the world's foremost on-line resource and services provider for companies and individuals concerned about protecting their information systems and networks. Recognized as an objective force in the information security industry, SecurityPortal currently serves as the voice of security with its widely distributed e-newsletter and website with thousands of pages of security information."

SecurityWatch.Com A new Information Security Portal.Daily reports and updates on the security industry. Latest information on business, tech issues, bugs and fixes.

Tech Republic an information resource for IT professionals of all ranks, from support staff to executives. The site targets IT executives, managers, consultants, strategists, network administrators, trainers, and other computer-related support staff. Members can create professional profiles, seek advice from their peers, sign up for e-mail subscriptions on over 40 IT-related topics, find jobs, and keep abreast of upcoming technology events and conferences. TechRepublic is organized into six "Republics," organized by job category.


CERIAS Hotlist: "The Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security, or CERIAS, is the world's foremost University center for multidisciplinary research and education in areas of information security. Our areas of research include computer, network, and communications security as well as information assurance."

CERT Coordination Center   Originated with the computer emergency response team formed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in response to needs identified in the wake of the 'Internet Worm' incident. The CERT charter is to work with the Internet community to facilitate responses to computer security events involving Internet hosts, to take proactive steps to raise the community's awareness of computer security issues, and to conduct research targeted at improving the security of existing systems.

Hacker Emergency Response Team HERT stands for Hacker Emergency Response Team and is an international nonprofit organization based in France.

Chief Information Officer's Council Security Best Practices site containing security best practices

The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) "a list of standardized names for vulnerabilities and other information security exposures. CVE aims to standardize names for all publicly known vulnerabilities and security exposures. It is a dictionary, not a database. The goal is to make it easier to share data across separate vulnerability databases and security tools."

Computer Security Intelligence Briefings: Integrates over 2000 intelligence sources into a computer security knowledgebase. Read security news. Find other security sites. Learn to secure your systems.

COAST Hotlist   Computer Security, Law & Privacy This hotlist is co-hosted by the COAST (Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology) project and Internet veteran Gene Spafford.

Federal IT Security: a public service portal for the Federal computer security community.

Firewall.Com's Computer Security Resources: Probably the most complete linklist of Computer Security Resources on the Internet -- Updated regularly

FIRST: Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams

IT Security Cookbook: This book is intended as a 'self help' guide to computer & network security, primarily for security managers, programmers and system administrators.

The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) is a not-for-profit international organization of information security professionals and practitioners. It provides education forums, publications and peer interaction opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skill and professional growth of its members.

The Information System Security Resource Portal: 12,000+ Security Articles, Info and Downloads for Information System Security Professionals a web production of the Algonquin College Information System Security Program

Internet Security Review  Breaking news stories - Timely Internet Security and E-Commerce Security topics - Important information security and related conferences and events - White papers and other documents - IT Security publications - Information security education

LockDown - Home Computer Security Centre: Security information and free advice for home computer computer users about choosing passwords, encryption, stenography and securing your PC.

The National Security Institute's website is the premier Internet resource for the security professional. The site features industry and product news, computer alerts, travel advisories, a calendar of events, a directory of products and services, and access to an extensive virtual security library. See also, the National Security Institute’s Security Resource Net

Packet Storm "is the largest Internet security tool database in the world. We provide intelligence ranging from security tools to system defense and assessment information. Understanding that there is no way we can begin to design and develop stronger systems and defenses unless we know what vulnerabilities exist, Packet Storm follows a strict policy of full-disclosure, publishing all pertinent information that we receive on security related materials. About half our content is submitted to us - If you have security related information that is not on our site, do not hesitate to send it in."

Security Archive: This archive is a combination of the Bugtraq, CERT, linux-security, linux-alert, rootshell, security-discuss and security-audit mailing lists. With the help of procmail, new messages are automatically added to the archive as they arrive

Security Focus: is designed to facilitate discussion on security related topics, create security awareness, and to provide the Internet s largest and most comprehensive database of security knowledge and resources to the public.

Infosysec: Security Portal for Information System Security Professionals directory of security and hacking articles, resources, tutorials, daily security news and more.


Deptartment of Justice Cybercrime Site The Computer Crimes and Intellectual Property Section of the Department of Justice. This site contains information on various aspects of security. There is information on reporting and investigating computer crime, as well as legal and policy issues.


Center for Secure Information Systems George Mason University's computer security issues pages, links to other security related sites and resources

PCERT is a team of faculty and staff at Purdue University who work together to improve computer security, advise on policies regarding computer use and misuse, and who coordinate responses to computer security incidents on campus.



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