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Free Security Awareness Posters And Art

One of the best ways to communicate your organization's security goals, policies, and standards is with humor and art. Most people don't like being lectured to, and we have always found making security fun is the most effective way of getting their 'buy-in' and continuing support.

So, Interpact, Inc. is making the following posters and art available to any organization that wishes to use them. They cover a wide range of topics in the cyber, the physical and the people aspects of security.

Please take a gander at the posters, see what you like and use them as you wish. Print them or put them on your Intranet site, build them into applications or use your imagination.

There is no charge, but there are a couple of rules:

1. You must use each piece in its entirety. You may not edit it or otherwise modify it without explicit permission.
2. You may not resell the art, or integrate it into any other products or services you offer.
3. You may not remove the copyright notice, logo or URL.

Also, it would be real nice if you would dropp us a line and let us know what you're using, how you're using it, and to tell us how much you love our materials. This is a selfless self promotional request, but we all know that testimonials are cool. Thanks in advance.

Take me to the free posters.

Are you interested in high resolution versions of our posters?

If you would like high resolution versions of any pieces of this art (3-20MB each), embedded with your own security messages, your company logo or any other changes, they are all available for a small licensing fee. You may then use them for any internal corporate or organizational hard copy or electronic application. Contact Betty O'Hearn for details.

Our customized artwork will really pull your security awareness program together

If none of our existing art is suitable (which we highly doubt, but anything is possible), we will create custom art for any purpose whatsoever: posters, screen savers, calendars, mouse pads, hand exercise balls, or...well you can just use your imagination. Our artwork will work with just about any promotional campaign you have in mind. Contact Betty O'Hearn or Sherra Schwartau for more information.

Security Awareness Posters, Step by Step:

1. Pick the pieces of art you like
2. Or, we will design custom art specifically for you! Cyber, physical, people, homeland defense, threat…any security issue you choose!
3. Pick the company name and logo you want to include in the poster.
4. Or, let us help you with the wording on the message - in any language!
5. We ship you the master artwork and you're all done!

Hard Copy Posters

We can print hard copy posters for you, but we whole heartedly suggest that you use your internal printer (especially for smaller posters or postettes) or call Kinkos. If we print them for you, we use Kinkos and will only have to mark it up. Kinko prices for super-high-quality matte or gloss posters delivered in tubes ranges from $5-10 per square foot, depending upon quantity.

Obviously our artwork has lots of applications. Don't be shy. Think of coffee mugs, mouse pads, skywriting - anything at all. We'll work with you all the way to make sure you get the maximum from your security awareness investment.

Suggestions? Send them to or

Our Security Awareness Promotional Art
Check 'em out! Try them on! They're Free!
A general security awareness campaign
A corporate security awareness program: it's about people
A security awareness campaign for schools
A physical and information security awareness campaign

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Security Awareness Services

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Winn Schwartau's Resume

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Interpact in the News

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