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Print and Web Publications

2600 The Hacker Quarterly primary publication aimed at the hacker underground.


Computers and Security, Elsevier Science

Crypto-Gram Secure

Cryptologia: a quarterly journal devoted to all aspects of cryptography

Electronic Markets

The Insider: The Journal for Resource Protection Professionals

Information Systems Security - Auerbach Publications

Internet Security News

Internet Security Newsletter

Jane's Defense Weekly

Journal of Computer Security

Journal of Electronic Defense

Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce

Journal of Internet Security

Network World Fusion Security Newsletter

Phrack Magazine Web Page Phrack is one of the primary publications for the "hacker community." Information on hacking / security news. The site offers a large set of pointers to historical and current hacker documentation (files, 'zines, etc.).

Popular Cryptography - The Journal of Internet Privacy

Secure Computing

SingCERT Newsletter

Web Commerce Today



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