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Writing Services Custom Writing Projects for Vendors and Media

Among Mr. Schwartau's clients are major security vendors who use his unique ability to translate highly technical products and services into understandable English for their specific audiences. Whether the message is for a general audience, information technology professionals or Senior Management, Winn's entertaining writing style keeps people reading and learning.

Schwartau is also a popular writer, both nonfiction and fiction. His books appeal to both the general and specialized technical audiences.

Finally, Schwartau was a major contributor to both of AFCEA’s Cyberwars books as well as several international books on CyberWar and Espionage.

Mr. Schwartau has also accrued hundreds of credits to his name with articles and controversial editorial pieces in a variety of print and electronic media: NY Times, Information Week, Network World, ComputerWorld, Network Security, St. Petersburg Times, Internet World, Virus Bulletin, Security Management, Infoworld, and PC Week among others.

On line Book Reviews:

Security Management's Online Library, reviewed by Howard Keough, a member of the ASIS Standing Committee on Computer Security and a longtime contributor to this column. (includes link to an excerpt from Time Based Security.

Information WarfareInformation Warfare: Chaos on the Electronic
Superhighway and Information Warfare: Cyber-terrorism Second Edition

Online Book Reviews:
Scott Davis's Review at Phrack Magazine Issue 46 Volume Five. September 20, 1994.

Robert Steele's Review, President Open Source Solutions, Inc., at OSS Web pages.

NEW! A free .PDF version of the first edition of nformation Warfare! (1,996Kb)


Cyberwar: Espionage on the InternetCyberwar: Espionage on the Internet
by Jean Guisnel and Winn Schwartau



The Complete Internet Business ToolkitThe Complete Business Internet Toolkit
By Winn Schwartau with Chris Goggins

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Other Books by Winn Schwartau

Pearl Harbor Dot Com (forthcoming)
Information Warfare, Volume 3: Technologies and Solutions (forthcoming)
Blitzkrieg.Com (forthcoming)
Mehrwert Information (Schaffer/Poeschel, Germany 1996)
Firewalls 101 (DPI Press 1996)
Terminal Compromise (out of print, 1991)

Book Contributions

Introduction to Internet Security (DGI/MecklerMedia, 1994)
Internet & Internetworking Security Handbook (Auerbach, 1995)
Ethical Conundra of Information Warfare (AFCEA Press 1997)
Something Other Than War (AFCEA Press, 1998).
Happy Hacker (American Eagle, 2nd Edition, 1998)

National Security in the Information Age (Olin Foundation, 1996)

Magazine Articles by Winn Schwartau

Information Security Magazine

DDoS The High Cost of Apathy The February denial-of-service attacks were preventable, if only we'd paid more attention to the warning signs. March 2000.
Shall We Play a Game? To fend off global adversaries, U.S. corporations will need to engage in "asymmetrical" defense tactics.November 1999.
Infrastructure Is Us Railroads, bridges, highways—infrastructure used to be such a clean concept. But the Information Age changed the rules of the game, and the United States is still playing catch-up. June 1999.

Hacked Off Today’s hackers bear little resemblance to the hackers of yesteryear.

Information Week Magazine

Would Thoreau Approve? Technology can be an effective tool for expressing political and social discontent

Other Publications

Corporate Vigilantism: Infowar.Com Survey Suggests Options from Hacking to Baseball Bats
"Florida has sold license photos." St. Petersburg Times. That's right. The state got a pretty enny from a company in New Hampshire for your driver's license picture.
Beyond the Firewall Type Enforcement and advanced security techniques.

Interviews with Winn Schwartau

Warnings for an Electronic Nation - an Interview with Winn Schwartau by Larry Lange at EE Times. The interview includes current trends in the hacking community and security issues. Best Quote: Q: "What role has Windows NT played in security issues?" WS: "NT and security should never be used in the same breath."
Know your users: Hackers aren't the only ones you should fear by Al Berg. "The following list covers the top threats the Internet poses to corporate LANs. The information is drawn from interviews with three computer-security experts: Winn Schwartau, "Simple Nomad," and William Cheswick"
Winn Schwartau Interview for a Dutch publication by Walter Belgers.

An Interview with Winn in Sources e-Journal.


The Toaster Rebellion of '08
CyberChrist Meets Lady Luck (Reflections on Defcon)
CyberChrist Bites the Big Apple (Reflections on HOPE)



Contact Interpact How to Contact Interpact, Inc.

Please contact us for further information about Interpact Inc.'s Security Awareness Programs or Winn Schwartau's services as a writer, speaker, and educator in the field of information security:

Winn Schwartau, President and CEO
Kelley Walker, Development 727.796.8484 727.393.6361
Betty G. O'Hearn, Marketing


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