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Information Security 101: A One Day Course

By Winn Schwartau

Countless people are entering the workplace, private or government organizations and are being immersed in the daily use of technology Ė and they are expected to know how to use it.

And then there are the security issues which are all too often overlooked. Most organizations have new employees fill out lots of new-hire forms, but what about their information security training and ongoing awareness? Unfortunately, in the interest of productivity, security falls by the wayside.

This full-day Security 101 class is NOT a super-geeky techno-dweeb class. Itís the basics of information security and is designed to help you understand the risks to your company, your own computers, networks and organizations everywhere and national security.

Led by security consultant, popular author and entertaining speaker Winn Schwartau, this highly interactive and entertaining course will provide an in-depth overview of information security, how it affects us all and how important your participation and cooperation is to a companyís overall overall success. Complete course material will be yours to keep!

Highlights of the Information Security 101 Course Include:

» Why Is Information Security So Important?
» Charts, Studies, Costs/Losses, Hacker Cases
» Security And the Business Process
» Networking Basics (Not Technical)
» Basic TCP/IP (You Need to Know a Bit of the Basics)
» Classic Infosec Protection: The CIA
» Identification and Authentication Techniques
» Non-Repudiation ( Email Tracking & Stock Trades)
» Integrity: How, Why and Tools
» Logging and Audit Controls across the Enterprise
» Files Erasure (Is it or isnít it?)
» Confidentiality, Encryption and More
» Hacking 101: How they do it
» How to Get Anonymous
» Graffiti
» Tools
» Sniffing
» Scanning
» Copyright Infringements
» Social Engineering
» Dumpster Diving
» Denial of Service Attacks
» Viruses and Trojan Horses
» Browser Security: IE, Netscape
» Back up (or disaster?)
» Steganography
» Defenses
» Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, Routers, Deception, Honeypots, Strike
» Back
» PKI, VPN, Detection is more than Perimeter Control
» Corporate Behavior
» Surfing, Hate/Sex, Anonymity, Private Email, Search Computers
» Encryption Keys, Secure Screen Savers, Workplace Monitoring
» Reasonable Use of Internet on Own Time, Security Assessment
» Computer Crime Forensics
» Personal Home Computer Protection
» Computer Laws
» Critical Infrastructures and National Security
» Your Corporate Personal Responsibilities
» How To Be a Secure employee
» Top 10 Security Things You Can Do
» Top 10 Non-Technical Things You Can Do


Attendees need only have a working knowledge of the use of Windows, email, browsers and computers in general. This is not a technical course.


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