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Winn Schwartau's Speaking and Writing Services


Keynotes, Seminars and Interactive Presentations

Winn Schwartau is an engaging speaker who involves his audience in his presentations. No matter now technical the subject, lay audiences come away with a powerful and complete understanding in terms they can handle. Schwartau often includes interactive training, audience participation, role-playing and situational dynamics to make his sessions memorable.

His presentations run the gamut: Information Warfare, Information Security 101, Espionage, Personal Privacy, Effects of Technology on Society and Corporations, and a host of related topics. The newer material that he has developed is even more exciting and dynamic than the original materials that ‘made’ his reputation as a world-class speaker, trainer and indeed, entertainer. These are a sample of the presentations that he custom tailors for your organization. If you have other needs and ideas for keynotes, seminars or similar training, please contact us.

Information Warfare and Cyberterrorism
Top 10 Things We Don't Know About Information Warfare
The New Security Triad
Time Based Security
Corporate Vigilantism: Right, Wrong or Necessary?
The General's Abdication
The General's Abdication and Two Man Rule
Security Awareness Programs
Computer Ethics for Kids, Companies and Governments
The CyberEthical Surfivor Game
Security 101
Computer Forensics 101
Building a Corporate Computer Incident Response Team
Rear Echelon Attacks: Asymmetrical Adversarialism
RF Weapons, HERF Guns and EMP Bombs

Cyber-Disaster Exercises

Personal, Corporate and National Survival in Cyberspace
An Electronic Bill of Right and National Information Policy
Hacking 101 and Hands-on Hacking 101
Hands-on Hacking 201
Developing a Workable Corporate Security Policy
Information Security: All Levels
Using Deception in Network and Infrastructure Defense
Non-technical Information Security

Defending Critical Infrastructures in Cyberspace

Interviews and Investigations: Human Factors and Cyber-Crime
Computer and Network Forensics for Law Enforcement and Investigators
The Metrics of Offensive Information Warfare
Using Military Approaches to Network Security
Graceful Degradation: The Acts of Man versus Y2K
Placebo Security
Losing Floppies Forever
Garbage Review
The Guards, The Guards

Information Warfare and Cyberterrorism

· How and Why Infowar Occurs
· Global, US and Commercial Perspective
· Defensive postures for nations and companies
· Cyberterrorism in a Post 09-11-01 world.

The Top 10 Things We Don't Know About Information Warfare

· We like to think we're smart and know all about Infowar, Cyberconflict… but do we really? This eye-opening presentation tells us we aren't as smart as we think.
· Great for both commercial and government audiences

The New Security Triad

· Security is not about technology. Computers don't attack computers, people do.
· Security is about three things: Technology, Physical Protection and People.
· How do we combine them all into an effective 'Defense in Depth' protection plan?
· The latest in security thinking!

Time Based Security

· Quantifiable Methods for Developing Enterprise-wide Security

· Helps technicians and management understand security as a risk and then how to measure it for mitigation. Corp and mil audiences ideal.

According to Winn Schwartau and an increasing group of believers, we've been doing it all wrong. The last 30 years and $30Billion we've all spent on Information Security and Assurance has fundamental flaws so drastic, they cannot be fixed. Bring your paper and pencil! Schwartau will walk you through a new security model, Time Based Security, which rids us of the shackles of the old inefficiencies and impossibilities that Fortress Mentality represent.

Learn more about Time Based Security Seminars

Read Schwartau's article, It's About Time: The Metric for Information Security

Corporate Vigilantism: Right, Wrong or Necessary?

· When law enforcement won't respond to or investigate cyber-attacks, what should we do? Take the law into our own hands? Many people are. Did you know it is illegal to disarm your adversary in Cyberspace?

· Surveys, Results and Opinions. Great for Interaction and debate

When a company is under cyber-attack, what should it do? According to the premises of Time Based Security, an organization must be ready, will and able to react to any of a range of assaults against its networks or its infrastructures. But, how far are companies willing to go, and what are the options?

The Pentagon actively struck back at on-line hackers with their hostile perimeters, and now the hackers are threatening to sue the US Government. Or, is the approach of Lou Cipher the right one: use physical force for a quick, decisive end of any cyber attacks.

This is an emotionally charged session which divides the audience based upon legalities, morals and ethics. Don't miss it!

The General's Abdication

· How senior military and civilian leaders have given up control of their organizations to people that are somewhere between incompetent and disloyal.
· What to do about it.

General Abdication and the Two Man Rule

· Winn Schwartau was asked by the Pentagon and various anti-terrorist groups to address the biggest problem in security. At the opening of his keynote, he told the senior leadership, "Generals, you are no longer in command of your Armies." The message is a simple one: The military and private sector have handed over control of their organizations to groups and people whom they do not know, and whose allegiances may be counter to their job descriptions.

· First, we look at security as a proper combination of technical, physical and personnel, all the while edging towards the politically incorrect. Then, extrapolating from the basics of Time Based Security, we apply a new mathematical model to evaluate risk of an IT staff. Finally, we add the new Time Based Security components which allow us to actually increase network security by following tried and true military concepts. You may not agree with everything you hear, but you will be engaged, and Schwartau is willing to take you on!

Security Awareness Programs

· Security Awareness is the #1 concern for companies, the government and folks at home.
· How do they work? What are they? Can you use them?
· Successful Employee User Participation in Corporate/Gov't Security
· Fun, fascinating and effective

Computer Ethics for Kids, Companies and Governments

· Bringing it all home... down to the basics
· Ideal for educators, parents and family support groups
· Highly interactive, provocative and audience debate laden

The CyberEthical Surfivor Game and the CyberEthical Surfivor Game for Kids, Parents and Teachers

· How ethical are you and your company? Well, tell us!
· We pit up to 18 players on two teams against themselves and each other - and the audience!
· There is only one winner, though.
· An amazing experience for players and players alike.
· Perfect for business and government conferences.
· Protecting Kids and Families on the Internet
· Step by step how to!

· Non-technical as it can be

Learn more about CyberEthical Surfivor

Information Security 101

· The basics of information security for beginners, non-technical and management.

Computer Forensics 101

· The basics of what a company needs to know and do when a security event occurs.
· Not too technical, but helps staff and management build the right teamwork necessary to collect and protect evidence.
Advanced Computer Forsensics
· An advanced, highly technical course presented by some of the finest computer forensics experts in the country.

Building a Corporate Computer Incident Response Team

· When a security event occurs at your organization, what do you do? Call the cops? Call the lawyers? Do you have a plan?
· This presentation helps an organization walk through the basics of what is needed from the moment a security event is detected, all the way to prosecution.

Rear Echelon Attacks: Asymmetrical Adversarialism

· No one is going to attack the USA with conventional weapons. The Chinese have declared Unrestricted War against the U.S. in time of conflict.
· The 'bad guys' are going to attack the unclassified, rear support lines to reduce our operational capability. Fascinating and scary.

RF Weapons, HERF Guns and EMP Bombs

· A Tutorial on The State of the Art for Terrorist Attacks Against Infrastructure, Business and Government
· The first and only unclassified taxonomy on these advanced weapons of mass disruption.

Cyber-Disaster Exercises

· Coping With Cyber-Attacks, Responses and Role-Playing (Highly Interactive, Tension Filled and Fun)
· Commercial, Government, Municipal, Military and International Scenarios and Games
· Contingency and Consequence Management
An Electronic Bill of Right and National Information Policy
· Personal Privacy, Creeping Government, Identity Theft and What to Do About It.

· In Cyberspace, You Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Protecting Your Privacy in a Digital World

Read Schwartau's article, An Electronic Bill of Rights

Hacking 101

· A non-technical A-to-Z overview of hacking, hackers and their capabilities.
· ½ dat to full day

Hands on Hacking 101

· Hands on Demonstrations· If you want hackers, we bring hackers!

· Full day to week long seminars and training.

This popular workshop is a must for novices and managers who want a practical nuts-and-bolts look at how hackers hack. You will explore hacking tools and techniques and learn the methodology behind hacking. You will cover target reconnaissance, vulnerability mapping, port scanning, password cracking, Trojan horse programs and denial-of-service attacks, along with countermeasures for thwarting them. Using hacking tools in a safe environment, you will gain an understanding of common threats to the IT infrastructure. Demo computers and scattered attack/defend laptops will let you view countermeasures in action. You will receive sample data that is available through open source research and have access to a Web site that has additional information in support of this workshop.

Hands-On Hacking 201

Designed for those with a solid background in IP networking, this penetrating workshop will cover advanced hacking methods in a multi-operating system environment. You will explore complex reconnaissance methods, privilege escalation, buffer overflows, distributed denial-of-service attacks, advanced Trojan horse use, file hiding through steganography, and dealing with logs. You will review wireless security and protocols and possible compromise points, and in a demonstration environment, you will use scattered laptops that will allow you to chat with each other and the instructor's machines through IRC and e-mail. In-class demos are designed to give you firsthand experience with the tools and methods of the workshop.

Using Deception in Network and Infrastructure Defense

· Applying Successful Military History and Techniques to Network Security

Non-technical Information Security

· There are lots of non-tech, low-tech and very low cost ways to improve security postures

Security can be tough, especially for companies with apathy and arrogance. But, with a little imagination, the security posture can be dramatically improved - with little or no additional expense or headache.

Schwartau has amassed an intriguing collection of techniques and methods for enhancing network security without huge expenditures of time, money and manpower. See how many of these will work for you!

Interviews and Investigations: Human Factors and Cyber-Crime

Security is more of a people problem than it is a technical problem, and handling people in sensitive positions requires special knowledge and skills. In this eye-opening workshop you will learn techniques that will help you screen for potential employees who would do you harm and gain strategies for investigating a cyber crime should one occur. You will explore pre-employment interviews, behavioral analysis, insider profiling, and exit interviews as methods you can use to avoid being victimized by people you trust. You will then turn your attention to investigative tactics that can be applied to technology-related offenses, including criminal, civil, and accepted policy-use violations. You will discover how to conduct field forensics and collect and safeguard evidence. You will learn specific techniques designed to elicit admissions of wrongdoing, and find out why a properly trained interviewer is more effective than a polygraph. Whether you are a law enforcement officer, corporate or internal investigator, litigator, manager, or a member of an incident-response team, you will leave this intensive workshop with proven techniques for protecting your organization from cyber-crime.

Computer and Network Forensics for Law Enforcement and Investigators

In this detailed workshop law enforcement officers, private technical staff, and government investigators will explore the basics of technical cyber-crime investigations.

You will see first hand how forensics tools work. You will learn the tricks that the bad guys use and how to uncover their tracks. You will determine how your computers and networks can be manipulated and how to get the evidence you need to establish a cyber-crime has taken place. You will find out how to find "computer secrets," and weak-nesses in DOS, Windows, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000 in order to track down computer evidence and computer security data leakage. This workshop is ideal for accounting firms, all branches of the U. S. Military, big law firms, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies.

The Metrics of Offensive Information Warfare

The concepts of Time Based Security find particular application with the military for national cyber-defense as well as conflict and offensive tactics. The mathematics of TBS can be modified to work with offensive IW, illuminating both a defender's weaknesses how to take advantage of them by an opponent.

Whether the offensive behavior is conducted by a military Cyber-Force or renegade hackers, the premises are the same. The math is simple, the concepts profound, and a great time will be had by all!

Using Military Approaches to Network Security

Using the basics of Time Based Security, Schwartau will walk you back through the annals of military successes, the great spy adventures and show you to simply add clear cut intelligence strategies to the defense of your networks. Amazing? Yup! But clearly at the cutting edge where Schwartau shines best. The concepts of Sun Tzu (c. 225 BC, China) in the Art of War will help the audience better understand the Deception protocols that Schwartau advocates.

Graceful Degradation: The Acts of Man versus Y2K

Instead of trying to presciently divine what the future will bring, isn't there a better way to plan for unforseen contingencies? We seem to be able to handle the Acts of God; hurricanes, floods, fires and such. But what about the Acts of Man - and those unforeseen accidents caused by Man, such as Y2K? How do we plan for them and defend against their consequences?

Placebo Security
Losing Floppies Forever
Garbage Review
The Guards, The Guards


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